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 Do the needles break often?

 Needle breakage is usually caused a foreign objects in the fiber.  The density increases the more times you put your product through the FeltLOOM.

 Are the needles easy to change?

 Yes they are very easy to change.  See videoFeltLOOM Pro-Series

How do you maintenance  the FeltLOOM?

You dust periodically.  The motors are sealed and require no maintenance. The density or thickness felt will effect stress on the machine.

Check for any lose screws or bolts periodically.

How many times do you put the fibers through?

You put fibers through on both sides, (up and down), and then as many times as it needed to create the fabric you desire. The number of times is determined by felt or fabric density desired.

What are advantages of FeltLOOM®?

1.   Our machine is safe to operate, while other machines can be quite dangerous.  Ours has a guard system on its needles that prevents the operator from getting a finger in the machine.

2.   Our front roller system is very efficient and does not require the putting on & off of a heavy bar while using it.

3.  The rollers are designed to easily feed the fibers through.

4.   Our machine is quiet; the front roller does not jump around and make clanging noises

5.   Our machine actually felts the fibers instead of just making prefelt, and using wet felt is not necessary with our machine.

6.   Our machine felts thin fabrics.

7.   Our machine accommodates 2 or more users/items to be processed at once

FeltLOOM Frequently Asked Questions