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Fabric Making  Workshop with the FeltLOOM®

Start with batts and fibers to make 2 pieces of fabric. One piece is made with wool and the other with silk and wool.  This session will teach how to layout fibers and fabric to use with the FeltLOOM.  Learn how to connect fibers to fibers, or fibers to other fabrics.  Fabric can be used for wearable art or home decor projects.  This is offered 2 Wednesday of the each month.

Jacket MakingWorkshop

Start with Prefelts  and add your fiber colors and designs to make a custom fit jacket.  This is offered the 2nd Thursday of each month.  This is an all day class from 9 to 5.  Use the FeltLOOM to lock in your designs and then make the jacket that fits you.   Call 855-335-8566 

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LanMark Farm

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MAPACA - April 21 -23, 2017

The Farm Show Complex is located on the north side of Harrisburg
2300 North Cameron Street 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110-9443 ​

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