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FeltLOOM Events

Fabric Making Workshop

Start with batts and fibers and end with fabric. This session will teach how to layout, fashion, and connect fibers using the FeltLOOM.  As well as connecting fibers to one another you will also learn to connect fibers with Fabric while.  Fabric can be used for wearable art or home decor projects.  This is offered 2nd Wednesday of the each month.

Jacket Making Workshop
Start with Prefelts  and add your fiber colors and designs to make a custom fit jacket.  This is offered the 2nd Thursday of each month.  This is an all day class from 9 to 5.  Use the FeltLOOM to lock in your designs and then make the jacket that fits you.   Call 855-335-8566 

2018 Owners Event
Come to our yearly conference where we discuss the many new uses and innovations that have been discovered by owners throughout the year. This event is not exclusive to owners of a FeltLOOM and is a great time for those looking into purchasing as there is ample opportunity for hands on with our machine. We hold this event every Fall but do not have an exact date for 2018 yet. Please come join in the excitement with us this upcoming year.

Open House

On December 1st, we are having an open house to allow the public to see behind the scenes in our very own mill. We will be explaining every step in our process as well as running the machines to allow you to view everything first hand. This will be a great time to see how we take fibers and transform them into a usable state. Whether you are experienced in textile processing or are just seeing it for the first time, you are sure to learn something new and have a great time. Come see why our motto "From Fiber to Fabric" is more than just something we say.

All Classes are offered at our Mill in rural KY at 121 Shapsburg Rd, Sharpsburg KY 40374.

Fiber to Fashion Retreat

Enjoy a visit to the beautiful farmland of central Kentucky and learn to use fibers from the land to make wonderful Kentucky grown functional fiber art. In two days, you will make a piece of wearable art and a home decor piece. Lodging and meals are included as well as all supplies needed for the course. Stay on Lanmark Farm in either Shepard's Cottage, or in the LanMark Lodge. We can accommodate 8 to 12 depending on sleeping arrangements. Make it a fun get away for your friends and family. Dates are posted in our store.