Needle-Felting Machines Increase Efficiency, Production for Fiber Farmers

Listen to Ruby Ziegler's enthusiasm as she describes her alpacas, and you might assume they have always been a part of her life. 

It wasn’t until ten or so years ago, however, when Ruby's husband first suggested they raise alpacas. 

"What's an alpaca?" Ruby asks.

The answer she discovers, after hours of "alpaca" internet searches, photos & videos, in her own words: 
"...they are most beautiful and charismatic creatures I had ever seen."


Fast forward to 2021. 

Ruby's original herd of six alpacas has blossomed into a small business:
 ZAlpaca Ranchoz Fiber Arts & Mill, LLC.
The business specializes in Huacaya Appaloosa Marked Alpacas, and Ruby has become a Certified Sorter Apprentice.

The unique combination of skills she's developed is reflected in her business slogan: 
"Enhancing Huacaya Appaloosa Alpaca Fiber Characteristics Two Alpacas at a Time"

As Ruby's business gains momentum, she adds tools & equipment: a floor loom, spinning wheel, drum carder, and wool picker to process her alpaca fiber.  

In 2019, a FeltLOOM® has been added to her growing fiber business.. 



Ruby says the FeltLOOM® makes her business more efficient & productive, allowing her to focus on doing the things she enjoys most.

"The FeltLOOM® saves me time," Ruby shares, adding "So I get to focus more of my time on being creative, and growing my business."

Ruby uses her FeltLOOM® to experiment with new products, and to create more of her established products, including her wraps [picture above] that she creates with Sari silk sliver, Eri red silk sliver, True black alpaca roving, and harlequin Appaloosa yarn with tussah silk bee hives.

To learn more about Ruby and to support her business, visit her Facebook page and website where she lists & sells her fiber products.
If you are interested in learning how FeltLOOM® can help grow your fiber business, click here to learn more, get pricing or schedule an online demo.