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Bolster Your Operation with Our Felt-Making Equipment

Introducing The FeltLOOM®, a revolutionary device that’s sweeping the textile industry. Our unique piece of felt-making equipment empowers the user more than other industry-approved machines, allowing them to create new, unique textile materials.

Through the use of a series of motor-driven needle plates that feature hundreds of felting needles, fibers get felted together through repetitive needle strokes through the material of choice. Using this simple technique, users can create a virtually limitless amount of textiles.

With owners in 17 different countries, in countless different types of industries, we continue to be surprised at the new applications and discoveries that they’re finding new uses for our textile manufacturing machine. Whatever industry you work in, we hope that our user-friendly felting machine will serve you well in your respective market. Reach out to our knowledgeable specialists with any questions you may have about our systems to see if our equipment will satisfy your production needs.

There are four FeltLOOM® models: 36”, 48”, 60”, 66”. All models are equipped with a double motor. Contact us to discuss which model will best fit your needs.

The FeltLOOM® allows users full control of both roller speed and needle speed, giving them the capability to match the machine to the fiber. Roller speeds are able to be individually controlled, ensuring a proper feed for any fiber.

Rollers are strategically spaced, allowing users to stop the fabric from moving forward, and giving the appropriate slippage, at any point in the process. This prevents ‘pleating.’

The FeltLOOM® is equipped with two motors. Needle Motor: Gives users the ability to vary the density of the needle punches, depending on their fibers and situation. Roller Motor: Gives users the ability to control the finish on their felt.

Both the rollers and needles can be independently controlled, allowing the fabric to move through the FeltLOOM® at a defined rate from 0% – 100%. Fabric can be stopped and restarted in place, slowed down, or sped up during the felting process. This feature, combined with the full variable needle speed, allows the operator to control the density of the needle punches. This helps in building designs so that the first few runs can be slow, then when the design is complete, the speed can run faster, to tighten the fabric.

Provides the capability to move the fabric back and forth, felt a piece, turn it around, run it back through, and also gives the most control possible to the user, enabling texturing, density, etc.

Needle density is six rows per each 6” needle board segment, 72 needles per segment on all models, except on the 36” model which has 46 needles. This gives maximum needle penetration and maximum punches per inch. Through rigorous testing of engineering models, we found the optimum needle density required for the longer staple length used by many fiber artists. Needles also are varied in position and do not line up in straight lines, preventing a ‘corduroy’ effect and creating consistently strong, stable felt.

The rollers provide the grip needed for both ends of the process, as fiber is pushed through the machine and as felt is pulled out of the other side.

All tables are the height of a typical counter, which works for most users and prevents fatigue.

FeltLOOM® machines are built on rollers, making them easy to move around the studio or workroom.

Needles can be removed and replaced either one at a time or a whole needle board can be replaced at once. The front and back of the machine are equipped with a clear window, enabling users to see the needles moving, so they can identify any bent or broken needles while felting is in process.

The machine is designed with safety guards and emergency stop buttons to ensure safety of the operator.





The FeltLOOM® is a patented design, engineered and produced to ensure the highest-quality equipment and ultimate user-control. We build each system in our product line from precision quality parts, industrial-duty, sealed gear motors, and user-friendly operator controls. Best of all, we take a great deal of pride that our equipment is produced entirely in the U.S. Order our felt-making equipment and see firsthand how it can benefit your operation today.

Contact our textile equipment manufacturer to order our equipment today. Based in Sharpsburg, Kentucky, we proudly serve customers nationwide.

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