NATURAL BROWN- Kentucky Wool Prefelt, 2 X 3 ft.- for needle felting - craft backing made on a Feltloom from small farm wool

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A FeltLOOM® exclusive! This prefelt is great for all kinds of needle felting and wet felting projects. This listing is for one 2 ft. X 3 ft. piece of thick natural brown Kentucky Prefelt. It is made from 100% small farm wool. This is an excellent size for making wool paintings, signs, rugs, and all kinds of non-wearable projects. It saves time over wet felting a backing yourself and we find it nicer to work with than commercial industrial-made felt and prefelt alternatives. Note that sizes is approximate. This is a handmade hand cut product. Another note: this prefelt does contain a fair bit of vegetable matter such as little bits of straw and grass as is usual with a minimally processed small farm product. Need a special size or thickness or a bulk order? Please contact us to see if we can make what you need. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Kentucky Prefelt: The wool comes from Kentucky farms that house some very happy and well cared for sheep. It was taken to be washed in Texas (the closest facility that could efficiently wash it!) and then the clean fiber returned to LanMark farm in Sharpsburg Kentucky where it gets processed in small batches into carded batts and then made into prefelt on a FeltLOOM® needle felting machine, our own ingenious invention that turns wool fiber into felt. This is small-scale domestic production at its finest! Need wholesale or custom orders? Contact us! MADE IN THE USA